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From November to March

every Wednesday from 6 p.m.

Maximum number of visitors 10.

Tour of the Museum and Lagum,

then a chat in the Salon with a gramophone and the crackling of fire from tiled stoves, stories from the life of Shomini,

Fruška Gora tea and Karlovac kuglof.

We listen to records, look at old photographs and learn something about the life of Serbian civic families

from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Price 500 dinars

Optional wine tasting 500 din.

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All year

Every Friday from 6 p.m.

Maximum number of visitors: 10 in winter and 20 in summer.

Tour of the Museum and Lagum,

then chatting in the salon in the cold months, or in the lagoon and garden in nice weather,

with stories from the life of Shomini and tasting at least three types of wine. 

How was the vine grown, how was it driven to the vineyard, how was the wine made?

Price 500 dinars

And otherwise ... Well, there doesn't have to be a special occasion to visit us, visit us, drink a glass of wine or a glass of brandy, coffee and sit with us when it warms up in our beautiful garden ...

A few travelers often come across, wandering among the alleys of Karlovac, so they end up near Šoma in Lagum and ambush, so let's have a good time.

Šomin Lagum Villa Accommodation Sremski Karlovci

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  • Šomin Lagum Vila Sremski Karlovci
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